Vintium is a meeting place for wine and longing, to explore and learn. Behind the grin of a logo are Paola’s dreams, still very close to those dreamt back at the Uruguayan countryside.

Paola was born in Uruguay, a place where even the tiniest dream ends with the horizon and where the mind can imagine the impossible.

She lived with intense joy, the kind of joy of those who appreciate the everlasting present. Being only a teenager, she sailed out to explore a world that she had always felt as her own, only armed with a backpack filled with hope.

Australia, Argentina, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Italy, USA and many other lands danced before her eyes leaving behind profound memories, feelings, music, vivid scents, intense colors and flavors for the soul.

Vinitium was born as an expression of her heart, it is also an echo of the countryside, horses, mate, grandparents and many laughs.